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Zakat & Population Welfare Department  
  Budget & Accounts Section 03/27/2019 1:09am (UTC)


To prepare Budget & Accounts of District Zakat Officers.

To release Budget for 29 Districts Zakat Offices of Balochistan.

To sanction T.A D.A and Medical Re-Imbursement of Officers, Officials of District Zakat Offices and Chairmans of Provincial and District Zakat Committes.

To release funds for the maintanance of Vehicles of District Zakat Committies.

To enhance the Office Building Rent according to prescribed critiria.

To collect the Monthly re-concilation statements of District Zakat Officies and send to Accountnat General Office.

To re-appropirate the budget.

Obtain the revised budget from District Zakat Offices.

Responsible to correspondance with Finance Department for approval and guidance.

To maintain budget and accounts of Secretary Zakat Department, Re-concilation, Revised Budget, New Expenditure etc.

  Secretary Zakat Department Govt: of Balochistan

Designed by: Al Nadir Informatics Regal Plaza 2nd Floor Office#62
  Contect Numbers.
9202361. Secretary Zakat Office
9202302. Secretary Zakat Fax
9201850. Additional Secretary
9202541. D.S Zakat
9202994. Section Officer (B&A)
9201499. Section Officer (Council)
9203098. Section Offcer ( Establishment)
9202086. Section Officer (PZF)
9203099. Section Officer Audit
9202674. D.S Population
9202645. Section Officer I Population Welfare
9202618. Section Officer II Population Welfare
  Sections of Zakat & Population Welfare Department
Budget & Accounts Section
Conicl Section
Establishment Section
Provincial Zakat Fund (PZF) Section
Audit Section
Population I Section
Population II Section
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