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Zakat & Population Welfare Department  
  District Zakat Committee (DZC) 03/27/2019 12:19am (UTC)


I.  Oversee the administrative organization of Zakat in the District.

II.  Disbursement out of District Zakat Fund DZF.

III. Maintenance of District Zakat Fund / Local Zakat Fund Accounts.

IV.  Internal Audit of District Zakat Funds and Local Zakat Funds.



A.  Chairman (Non Officla nominated by PZC).

B.  District Officer (Revenue).

C. 5 Non-Official Members (to be nominated by PZC).

D.  2 Women from within the District (to be nominated by PZC).

E.  District Zakat Officer.

F.  District Social Welfare Officer (co-opted member)

  Secretary Zakat Department Govt: of Balochistan

Designed by: Al Nadir Informatics Regal Plaza 2nd Floor Office#62
  Contect Numbers.
9202361. Secretary Zakat Office
9202302. Secretary Zakat Fax
9201850. Additional Secretary
9202541. D.S Zakat
9202994. Section Officer (B&A)
9201499. Section Officer (Council)
9203098. Section Offcer ( Establishment)
9202086. Section Officer (PZF)
9203099. Section Officer Audit
9202674. D.S Population
9202645. Section Officer I Population Welfare
9202618. Section Officer II Population Welfare
  Sections of Zakat & Population Welfare Department
Budget & Accounts Section
Conicl Section
Establishment Section
Provincial Zakat Fund (PZF) Section
Audit Section
Population I Section
Population II Section
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