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  Disbursement Procedure of Zakat 03/27/2019 12:19am (UTC)

Disbursement Procedure of Zakat Program




87th Meeting 16th November, 2002.

Istehqaq shall be determined by the Local Zakat Committee concerned.

1.1 The following eligibility criteria shall apply:

An adult Muslim, living below poverty line (Rs.670/- p.m) with preference to widows and disabled.


Should not be a habitual beggar.

1.2 Before certifying Istehqaq, the beneficiary will furnish the following declaration:-


I,________________________ S/o, D/o______________________ holder of N.I.C No.______________________________________ do hereby declare that I am not in receipt of financial assistance from any other poverty alleviation program of the government and that presently I possess neither any source of income or any employment to provide for the subsistence of myself and my family.

My address is given below:

Permanent Address. 


(Signature of Beneficiary)




Payment shall be made to mustahqeen through crossed cheques by the respective Local Zakat Committee.

2.1 Crossed cheques will be presented to beneficiaries in the presence of notables of the area, which may include Imam Masjid and Head of Schoo.

2.2 Depending upon the currency period of an Istehqaq Certifcate, the Cheque will be issued for whole of the currency period, at the monthly rate of Guzara Allowance.

2.3 No Cheque will be issued for an amount that exceeds the currency period of six months i.e , Rs.3000.00. Only in cases where the Istehqaq of a beneficiary is renewed after the currency period of 6 months, fresh Cheque will be issued to the same beneficiary covering the period of renewal.

2.4 Close liaison will be maintained with local banks to ensure that beneficiaries face no difficulty in the opening of their accounts for this purpose will be reported immediately to the chairman, District Zakat Committee, and Chief Administrator Zakat simultaneously.

2.5 It shall be the responsibility of the Chairman, Local Zakat Committees to ensure that Zakat Paid Clerks / Groups Secretaries or nay other person are not involved in the payment of Guzara allowance and cheques are not delivered to beneficiaries through them.

2.6 Full and timely payments to beneficiaries will be ensured. Every effort will be made to avoid delays which may add to their financial hardship.

The rate of Guzara Allowance shall be Rs.500/- per month per mustahiq.

3.1 Not more then one mustahiq will be selected from one and the same household for the sanction of Guzara allowance.

3.2 Payments will be made at the full monthly rate, which will not be curtailed to a lesser amount to accommodate additional beneficiaries.

3.3 Istehqaq will be determined by the Local Zakat Committee

Temporary Address
(Approved by the Central Zakat Council)
  Secretary Zakat Department Govt: of Balochistan

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